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EndTimesEconomics.com provides much needed economic analysis and commentary from a Biblical perspective.  We live in a crazy world of massive debts, $1 Quardrillion in derivatives on banks balance sheets, persistent trade imbalances, unprecedented monetary policy and money printing, newly adopted negative interest rate policies, manipulated inflation and employment figures, and very little real economic growth.  What does this all mean?  Where is this headed?  Do these economic trends have anything to do with end times prophecy?   Is this all part of Satan's plan for world domination?  

Don't expect to find theological arguments on these pages.  I am an economist, not a theologian.  I simply operate under a literal interpretation of the Book of Revelation, that it is true prophecy to be fulfilled at an unknown future date.   The core assumptions are that there will be a one world government, with a one world leader, and a one world currency exchanged only with the mark of the beast.  While these assumptions could certainly be wrong, they are nevertheless the foundation of my economic worldview.   Apart from that Biblical foundation, this website is almost entirely economics.  

Within this context of end times scripture, our crazy world makes a lot more sense.   The evil one is planning the hyperinflationary collapse of the world reserve currency, the US dollar, in order to move the world one step closer to a one world currency, under his control.   All of the required "problems" are in place: enormous debts that can't be be paid back without inflation; a fragile (at best) banking system; severe demographic headwinds; trillions of US dollars held overseas due to persistent trade deficits; and, most importantly, insane monetary overlords at the Fed who believe that printing money will solve any and every problem.   This is all clearly a Satanic recipe for economic crisis and eventual hyperinflation (still likely years or decades away).    

At present, the world is nearing the next global recession and debt crisis, which will unleash a wave of money printing unlike anything the world has never seen.  Gain knowledge, stay informed, find current economic updates, all at endtimeseconomics.com.   You can also sign up for our Kingdom Wealth newsletter which will send blog posts directly to your inbox on a weekly basis, as well as provide investing insights that you can't find anywhere else.  




Meet the Author

Mark Hirleman is the Founder & CEO of SFTK Wealth Management LLC, a faith-based investment advisory firm which specializes in macroeconomic forecasting.   He is the author of the EndTimesEconomics.com blog and editor of the Kingdom Wealth newsletter.  Mark lives in Colorado Springs, CO with his wife Sarah and newborn daughter, Hope.  

More information can be found at www.SFTKwealthmanagement.com.